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Sotirë Waterfall

Sotirë Waterfall Sotirë Waterfall (418 Meter) near Gramsh, at the foot of Tomorri Mountain.
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Via Egnatia from Ura e Kamares

Via Egnatia from Ura e Kamares Via Egnatia from Ura e Kamares (650 Meter) – a half day’s outing with a piece of the Egnatia
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Mali i Skënderbeut

Mali i Skenderbeut Mali i Skenderbeut (1721 Meter) is easy, has fantastic views and is best combined with a 4WD trip from Kruja across Qafe...
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Grunas Waterfall

Grunas Waterfall Grunas Waterfall in Thethi (782 Meter). And as you are at it, include a stroll to Thethi’s most important sights.
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Petrela Tirana to Petrela (342 Meter). Why not walking, instead of driving, from Tirana to Petrela Castle for lunch? Petrela Ridge (764 Meter)....
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Dajti Mountain

Dajti Mountain (1611 Meter) Dajti Mountain, which can be combined with Maja e Tujanit (1531 Meter). Ignore the cable car and hike from the foot...
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